Ginnastica e ginnastica artistica

The human body is made for movement. It can be seen in children from the first months of life, when the baby learns to crawl and begins to explore the world around him. From the year onwards he takes his first ever more confident steps, goes up and down the stairs, tries his hand at jogs that become increasingly longer and more demanding. Physical activity during childhood is also expressed through free play, which includes jumping, bending and sprinting. It is important to ensure that your children get some movement every day, first with play, then with adequate gymnastics, since physical exercise affects the healthy growth of the body, encouraging it.

Gymnastic activities respect the various ages of children and are a playful physical activity, which with simple motor exercises such as ball games, jumping in the hoop and free body movements helps to become aware of one’s physicality in a natural way It is funny.

Esplorando il mondo della ginnastica

Our gymnastic activities for the little ones include, for example, skipping rope, treasure hunts in search of objects, mirror games.

Gymnastics for our older children always adapts to the child’s own growth and is full of variations and offers running, jumping, climbing, balance exercises, throwing and catching objects. The child can have fun and practice at the same time by jumping with both feet together, from a standstill or after a run-up, even through the use of a bench and a carpet. He learns to overcome obstacles, to swing from the bar, to assume stretching positions with the help of mats or balls, to exercise flexibility and joint mobility. These are all exercises that can also be performed in artistic gymnastics.

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