Swimming pool

Course dedicated to children aged 2 to 6, at the Mondetti swimming pool. Swimming is extremely important first of all because a child adapts very easily to the aquatic environment as the fear of water grows with the increase in the time in which the child is kept away from it.


Through Swimming:

the child gets a stimulus to his emotions and perceptions;

the child discovers new posture patterns;

the child acquires greater control of breathing;

Swimming Is A Very Fun Activity For Children

It causes a relationship to be created between the child and the water so that this then becomes a source of stimuli for his psycho-physical development. Increase self-confidence and learning ability to grow children’s independence by preparing them for a future swimming course and protecting them from any accidents. It ensures that the child doesn’t lose that sense of acclimatization that he has had since the first months of life. In addition to all these reasons, it is also important to remember that swimming is a very fun activity for children.

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