The Montessori method

It is an educational system developed by Maria Montessori which is based on independence, on the freedom to choose one’s educational path, within codified limits, and on respect for the natural physical, psychological and social development of the child.

The Three Fundamental Elements

The environment is a place where both the children and the adults who work there feel comfortable; a place of life in which the little ones have the opportunity to carry out significant experiences, each finding their own rhythm and opportunities for sharing, activities, games, safely and in harmony with other kids and the maximum attention of the adults.

The material

In the Montessori method, particular care is taken in choosing the activities to be offered to children, all well organized and located in well-defined areas. The material offered should take into account the exploratory interests of children. The constant attention to every attempt to do it yourself and to the free choice of every action, the introduction into the various activities of possible means of self-control, which the child himself can manage (through noise, the fragile, the wet or the dry, dirty or clean…), make each object a promoter of development.

The adult

The adult looks at the child as an active and competent person; the adult does not judge, does not incite, does not promote, is never directive. The Montessori method provides that, instead of anticipating and soliciting, making things happen and judging, the adult simply follows the child. The individual well-being and calm interventions of the adult (who never raises his voice, praises or blames) will help the child to serenely accept the inevitable limits to his actions.

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