What does it mean to be bilingual?

Being bilingual means being able to communicate in two different languages ​​even at different levels of competence, children who learn two languages ​​from birth or during the period considered crucial for language learning, i.e. from 0 to 5-6 years, are bilingual. Children learn to speak as effortlessly as they learn to walk, so early childhood is the best time to become bilingual because the brain is very flexible and children are very interested in all kinds of stimuli.

The Benefits of Bilingualism

In addition to the work and social opportunities that knowledge of English can offer our children, there are countless other advantages. Recent studies have in fact shown that children raised in bilingual contexts learn faster, have a greater ability to process information and demonstrate a high concentration capacity. Also, children who grow up learning more than one language learn new languages ​​much more quickly. Bilingualism is a precious gift that we can offer our children, a real gift for their entire future life.

Bilingualism With Younger Children

In the first years of life, during which the linguistic, cerebral and emotional growth of children is affirmed, language is essentially a tool to satisfy and express needs and emotions, it is not yet a school subject to be studied and learned with difficulty. This is why it is important that the little ones are exposed to the English language in the same way in which they naturally come into contact with their mother tongue, well, through the normal routines that mark their days.

Now and then

What matters is therefore to present the foreign language with a playful and natural approach with a playful and natural approach that respects the learning rhythms of children. In our bilingual school all activities are carried out in the two chosen languages; English and Italian. The teachers always use and address the children in their language of competence.

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