Food and cooking give special occasions to bring into play educational actions capable of stimulating the child’s psycho-physical development, his autonomy, his growth and his cultural baggage. Knowing how to use your hands means knowing how to physically create something, it means “knowing how”, the ability in the fingers is built slowly, but must be stimulated and encouraged. Through the creation of targeted preparations, the principle of seasonality of products is conveyed and why it is better to use materials from one’s own territory

Our aim:

Within specific objectives (emotional autonomy, motor development, self-knowledge, socialization and cognitive development) of the macro laboratory, good habits are also created, such as washing hands before and after cooking, brushing teeth after eating. We are approaching correct and conscious consumption, which also includes the ability, through the stimulus to use the imagination, to recycle and reuse some materials or packaging or leftovers. Finding the right concentration and attention in oneself and with others by sharing a common project

Growing up Cooking

In order to learn and build their skills, children must be able to do and enjoy doing, repeating experiences, experimenting with their creativity as much as possible. The really positive side of cooking workshops is that you acquire extremely important skills for building autonomy and self-esteem, because in fact skills allow you to move from knowledge, i.e. knowledge, to ability, to capacity, i.e. knowing how to do, which is achieved through having experiences and from there we arrive at knowing how to be.

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