Nursery school Frequencies
0 - 3 years

“Our bilingual nursery applies the educational principles to the Montessori method, knowing the active development of each child’s personality and its well-being”

Attention to the individuality of the child

“It is a place of growth where attention is paid to the individuality and potential of each child which must be recognized and valued, bearing in mind different times and rhythms for learning.”

Quality For Kindergarten Activities

“The daily activities of the nursery have been enriched by specific activities to achieve the child’s overall well-being such as music therapy, massage, relaxation, creative and emotional dance. In the garden of the nest is the seat of outdoor activities alternating with natural aromatherapy courses.”

Insertion In English ABC

“The first impact with the school environment must take place in an atmosphere of collaboration between school and family, respecting the times and needs of the child. The modalities for the first acclimatization are presented by the nurse’s reference educator in a preliminary meeting before entering the school structure.”

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