Kindergarten ( From 3-6 Years )

“In our bilingual kindergarten, children can choose which activity to carry out and how long to continue it, without being disturbed by the adult and protected from the disturbing intervention of other classmates. The adult is prepared to present all materials and to lecture on the most important topics. Children can work in spaces suitable for them in an atmosphere of order and cleanliness. The classes are few and are hosted in not too large rooms, all the furniture is proportionate to the height of the child. Even the outdoor spaces are organized with the same criteria and the presence of our private garden is fundamental.”

Attention to the individuality of the child

“The open space is seen as a workroom not as a place of assistance and must be tastefully furnished with tables instead of desks and free chairs so that children have the opportunity to change the furniture as they please. The cleaning of the premises is entrusted to the children themselves to bring them to an education in order and decorum. Montessori materials allow you to make order in the chaos of the stimuli of everyday life. The materials are designed to develop the different sensory skills of the child, they are all materials on which the child is required to act by arranging the material according to different criteria (colour, shape, weight, joint…).”

Developing The Senses The Right Way

“In kindergarten, children aged 4 to 5 also have the opportunity to develop their senses, they face the learning of writing and reading. They begin to get to know the letters and numbers that are available to them in large wooden format, the child plays with following the contour and thus learns to distinguish them. Direct writing explodes suddenly but has been prepared for a long time by all the previous sensory activities. Calculation is also introduced with the same gradualness, the knowledge of the figures is obtained with the same method of the letters and then thanks to the time zone register.”

The attention of educators

“The pre-school activity follows the annual program which will always be presented to parents before it comes into effect. The role of the educators is to be among the children and go from one to the other according to the needs. The disturbing child is left alone from here to observe the orderly work of his classmates and learn to appreciate and desire order. The educator does not punish and does not reward. One of the fundamental teaching aids is the silence that creates an atmosphere that is soon appreciated by all.”

Quality For Kindergarten Activities

“Sensory activities: solids, joints, spools, fabrics, designed for the development and refinement of sensations and impressions in relation to length, weight and colour. Practical life activities: cleaning, polishing, setting the table, washing, which are all activities that allow you to develop logic, the pursuit of your goals, coordination, self-care and living space and above all promote the development of a mind ordered that focuses on the process it attends to.”

We carry out the activities with care

“Mathematics and pre-calculation activities: through the manipulation of objects that favor the learning of numeration, calculus, the properties of numbers, geometric shapes and symbols and basic mathematical concepts. Language, reading and writing activities: learning to play with emery letters, the mobile alphabet, language games, spelling, writing and reading. Humanities and natural sciences activities: with nesting animal kingdoms, botany drawers, nesting geography maps, and open-air lessons in our playground and vegetable garden.“

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