Creative dance

Children come into contact with dance very quickly if they can do it through play, which is the most natural way. This modality becomes essential especially when the children are very young, in kindergarten age. Dance lessons for children offer a path of discovery of the body, movement and their expressive and creative potential. The course aims to stimulate children to have perception of their body, to relate to space, to work with the rhythm, both with the spontaneous, internal one and the one offered by the music and underlined by the clapping of the hands.

Our Path

The bodily experience of dance leads the child to deal with concepts such as weight, energy, space, to give importance to the field of vision and the acoustic environment, to improve the ability to concentrate and balance thanks to the work on alignment and center of gravity. In this creative dance course for children, improvisation and planning work are fundamental, they allow the development of the child’s creativity and expressive abilities.

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