Pet Therapy

Proposing scientific activities related to nature to children lays the foundations for a curious approach to the environment. An important principle of education is learning to study what surrounds us and observe it with a critical spirit. Pet in English means ‘pet’ or ‘companion’ to caress and cuddle. The actions of caressing and cuddling, especially in children, give rise to a pleasant and serene physical contact, which is par excellence one of the main factors of interpersonal communication, as it leads to the stimulation of creativity, the desire to know and the ability to observe.

Play With Animals, Guided By An Expert Adult

Represents a fundamental educational moment as well as a functional therapeutic tool to promote in children: the cognitive processes of discovery, memory, induction, verbal and non-verbal communication, research and experimentation.

It's still

The expression of relaxation behaviors, of assertiveness and affirmativeness, of overcoming forms of shyness or on the other hand of forms of aggression and hyperactivity, of adapting to the rules of respect. The psycho-affective balance, in the treatment of phobias or discomforts in general (even the transient ones present in the child, for example when there is a change in the family: such as the birth of a little brother, or a house move). 

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